Volunteer Vacations

We sponsor and organize volunteer-funded trips to Tanzania for 2-week programs, to conduct HIV prevention trainings and help the organization develop relationships with partner organizations.  While there, volunteers also do volunteer work at other NGOs throughout the community, assisting the people of Tanzania in a variety of ways. 

Administrative Support

In order to maintain a low overhead costs, POP relies entirely on volunteers for all administrative and programmatic functions.  We utilize the skills that volunteers bring to the agency to accomplish basic business functions in order to continue reaching the people that we serve.

Grant Writing/Fundraising- We accept in-kind donations by grant writers and fundraisers to help the organization meet it’s fundraising goal each year.

Legal Support - We accept in-kind donations by attorneys looking to offer their expertise and guide a non-profit organization on issues including tax deductable donations, 501(c)3 requirements, and partnerships.



Point of Prevention (POP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, originally founded in 2005. 

Tax Identification Number (TIN: 20-3839685)