We organize volunteer-funded trips to Tanzania for 2-week programs, to conduct HIV prevention trainings and help the organization develop relationships with partner organizations.  While there, volunteers also do volunteer work at other NGOs throughout the community, assisting the people of Tanzania in a variety of ways.  Volunteers participate in a homestay program, living with a Tanzanian family, providing an opportunity to learn about the culture and develop life-long relationships with their new Tanzanian family.

Our training sessions take a factual, no holds barred approach to providing attendees with up to date, comprehensive information on the virus and how it’s spread, prevention techniques, the socio-economic impact the epidemic is having on Tanzanians, and an honest discussion dispelling commonly believed myths.  Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by a board certified medical doctor.

A condom demonstration and question/answer session are also provided to trainees.  Take-home informational materials are provided to all attendees to serve as a resource after the training, as well as to continue the training to attendees’ friends, family and neighbors. Lastly, POP provides attendees with an e-mail address where they can send questions that come up after the completion of the training, for life-long partnerships and resources.

Examples of past trainings: 

Kiwohede Center- program for girls 10 to 17 years old, who were formerly prostitutes. Program teaches skills in sewing, cooking and batik making, in addition to providing participants with grants to start small businesses.

The Needy Hospice Association- program that distributes food to HIV+ people, as well as provides counseling and pastoral services to them.

Miracle Corners of the World- program that provides free trainings to underprivileged youth in computer skills, English and French.

Lossimingori Lareto Community Center- A community center aimed at improving the lives of the 3,500 Maasai living in the village.  The Community Center provides HIV/AIDS prevention training, providing well water to villagers, a tree/nursery program, wildlife restoration, and English classes. 




Point of Prevention (POP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, originally founded in 2005. 

Tax Identification Number (TIN: 20-3839685)