Point of Prevention was founded because Jennifer had participated in another organization’s Tanzania HIV program and conducted a thorough program evaluation for them, as part of her Master’s thesis.  What she found was that while they had some good ideas, the organization left a lot to be desired in terms of how they operationalized these good ideas and conducted their trainings and in-country programs.  She proposed some programmatic changes to the organization, however, none of them were adopted. 

Jennifer’s next trip to Tanzania was with a co-worker and friend Kathleen Kerr.  Their goal was to prove that you could run the program the way that Jennifer had proposed to the organization, more efficiently and cost-effectively, while getting good information out to individuals who needed to hear about preventing HIV transmission.  During this trip, Jennifer and Kathleen were able to train 708 for $5,071, or $7.16 per person (includes airfare, all travel, room and board, training materials, gifts for hosts, etc), compared to training only 25 people for $35,000 (5 volunteers each paid $7,000) through the other organization.  They were successful in their training program and left Tanzania with the idea of incorporating an organization to be able to fundraise and ultimately conduct more trainings to help more people.

They came back and incorporated POP as a legal corporation in the State of Maine in 2005.  In 2006, when Jennifer moved to California, POP was dissolved in Maine, and re-incorporated in California.  The organization is in good standing with the California Secretary of State, the California Tax Franchise Bureau and the IRS.

In 2007 another group headed off to Tanzania to conduct more trainings, this time 1492 people were trained, for approximately $12,000 (for 4 volunteers), or about $8.04 per person.



Point of Prevention (POP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, originally founded in 2005. 

Tax Identification Number (TIN: 20-3839685)