Helping Nengai & Nemburis Grow

Nengai and Nemburis are three years old.  They come from a rural Maasai village called “Lossimingori”, located in the Monduli District of Tanzania, about 75 kilometers outside of Arusha. “Lossimingori Lareto” represents the work of the people of this village to improve life for all its inhabitants.

Their mother died when they were just three months old and they have been primarily taken care of by their grandmother, as well as other relatives in their remote village.

They are attending Haradali School in Arusha.  Haradali is the Swahili word for mustard. The school has taken its name the mustard seed, as a mustard seed is known to grow from a tiny seed to a large tree, much in the same way that the school is growing.

Nengai & Nemburis are just starting their journey, with the help of teachers, caretakers, their sponsors, and their family.  With the community surrounding them, they will succeed in life. 

This is the Point of Prevention.

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Point of Prevention (POP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization, originally founded in 2005. 

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